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Release and First Major Installation of BCAS Wind at a Wind Farm by Volacom

Release and First Major Installation of BCAS Wind at a Wind Farm by Volacom

In light of the rapidly growing wind energy sector and the environmental concerns surrounding it, specifically the threat wind turbine generators (WTGs) represent to avian species, Volacom redesigned and adapted its BCAS Air bird control solution for wind farms under the BCAS Wind commercial brand. The system is specifically designed for wind farm application and aims to protect birds from the blades in a nature-friendly, harmless way, without the need for WTG stoppages. It works completely autonomously 24/7, in all weather conditions and without the need for a human operator.

The first major installation was completed recently at a wind farm in Greece, operated by Enel Green Power. BCAS Wind will aim to drastically reduce bird collisions across a total of 67 wind turbines located in a NATURE 2000 protected area, while collecting statistical data for ornithological and state/city environmental teams in the process.

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Enel Green Power is an Italian multinational renewable energy conglomerate with HQ in Rome. The company operates globally and manages a capacity of 50 GW produced by its 1200+ wind farms worldwide, targeting 145 GW by 2030.

Volacom is a leading global designer and manufacturer of hi-tech bird control solutions for a wide spectrum of businesses including wind farms, airports, ports, off-shore facilities, industrial facilities and others.