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Launch of the New Generation of BCAS Air and BCAS Wind

Launch of the New Generation of BCAS Air and BCAS Wind

After more than two years in R&D they are now official! The new generation, Mk 9.0, of our two core products for airports and wind farms – BCAS Air and BCAS Wind is here. While the principle of operation remains the same as in the first generation (and still so good), we have introduced a number of improvements related to the external casing, total weight, mechanical components, and web-based user interface.

We removed some mechanical moving parts without compromising the operational capability or efficiency, which will result in lower maintenance costs for clients; we completely redesigned the systems’ web-based interface to bring it up to date with the latest software technology developments, making it more user-friendly, intuitive, and fast, providing more and better-looking statistical information to users; we improved the sealing technology and increased the IP rating, as well as numerous other alterations that eventually make our systems cheaper to operate and more durable at the same time.


Starting from 2021, Volacom will offer only the new generation (Mk 9.0) of BCAS Air and BCAS Wind to its clients. However, we will continue fully supporting clients who have acquired older versions, both in terms of software and hardware.
For more information on the new-gen BCAS Air and BCAS Wind, please check their product pages under Solutions.