No more bird-related operation disturbances

Volacom’s bird control solutions for ports offer a bird-friendly way of keeping avian species away from the port zone or protected areas within it. Our technology can help port authorities and operators avoid disturbances in their operation as well as waste contamination, loss of produce, asset and equipment damages and many more.

Solutions applicable to ports

Volacopter LZ73-PRO UAV
Volacopter LZ73-PRO UAV

The Volacopter can deter birds away from open-air storage facilities or building rooftops within the port area where bird presence is difficult to spot.

  • UAV-mounted acoustic deterrence of birds and terrestrial animals
  • Powerful acoustic emitter, no habituation
  • Up to 50 min flight time on a single charge
  • 2 HD day cameras for inspection / surveillance
  • Automatic “mission” regime through pre-defined flight trajectories

BCAS Mobile
BCAS Mobile

The BCAS Mobile can be mounted on service vehicles emitting the proprietary acoustic signal for deterrence while on their regular tour.

  • Vehicle-mounted acoustic deterrence of birds and animals
  • Powerful acoustic emitters, no habituation
  • Easy to install and operate, no training required
  • Can be installed on any type of port service vehicle

BDL-1P hand-held laser
BDL-1P hand-held laser

The hand-held laser is an excellent backup tool for deterring birds away from nests, facades, storage areas or other places where acoustic emission is inappropriate or undesired.

  • Hand-held 4-beam bird deterrence laser
  • Noiseless deterrence in case acoustic emission is inappropriate or undesired
  • Tilt sensor for automatic safety power off
  • 2+ km effective range
  • No habituation