Industrial facilites

No more bird damage on buildings

Industrial buildings and sites are some of the most numerous victims of bird activity globally. Bird waste can cause corrosion, deformation, leaks, or breakdown of assets, making businesses spend hefty amounts on inefficient deterrence measures, cleaning, maintenance, and repairs.

Volacom has created various solutions to address the bird problem faced by industry clients and has already had a number of successful installations carried out, with remarkable results within very short periods of time. Please check out our industry-applicable products below and drop us a line for additional information and case studies.

Solutions applicable to industrial facilities


  • Automatic detection and acoustic deterrence of birds
  • State-of-the-art engineering and proprietary detection software
  • Thermal imaging, 24/7 all-weather operation
  • Detailed database with video records and logs of every detection

BCAS Mobile
BCAS Mobile

  • Vehicle-mounted acoustic deterrence of birds and animals
  • Can be installed on service vehicles and operated by maintenance personnel
  • Powerful acoustic emitters, no habituation

Volacopter LZ73-PRO UAV
Volacopter LZ73-PRO UAV

  • UAV-mounted acoustic deterrence of birds and animals
  • Powerful acoustic emitter, no habituation
  • Surveillance
  • Inspection

BDL-1P hand-held laser
BDL-1P hand-held laser

  • Hand-held 4-beam bird deterrence laser
  • Noiseless deterrence in case acoustic emission is inappropriate or undesired
  • Tilt sensor for automatic safety power off
  • 2+ km effective range
  • No habituation