No more bird-related crop losses

Birds have been a challenge for farmers since the dawn of agriculture. Farm production, being an easily reachable food source, attracts birds regardless of crop type or location. On occasions, losses may reach up to 50% of the production.

Volacom’s innovative bird control solutions for farming offer protection in modern, bird-friendly, and efficient ways, compared to obsolete or deadly measures like scarecrows and guns.

Solutions applicable to agriculture

Volacopter LZ73-PRO UAV
Volacopter LZ73-PRO UAV

  • UAV-mounted acoustic deterrence of birds and terrestrial animals
  • Powerful acoustic emitter, no habituation
  • Up to 50 min flight time on a single charge
  • 2 HD day cameras for inspection / surveillance
  • Automatic “mission” regime through pre-defined flight trajectories

BDL-1P hand-held laser
BDL-1P hand-held laser

  • Hand-held 4-beam bird deterrence laser
  • Noiseless deterrence in case acoustic emission is inappropriate or undesired
  • Tilt sensor for automatic safety power off
  • 2+ km effective range
  • No habituation

BCAS Mobile
BCAS Mobile

  • Vehicle-mounted acoustic deterrence of birds and animals
  • Powerful acoustic emitters, no habituation
  • Easy to install and operate, no training required
  • Can be installed on any type of vehicle – pickup trucks, minivans, golf carts