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Hello World! We Are Volacom and We Protect Birds and Businesses!

Hello World! We Are Volacom and We Protect Birds and Businesses!

On 22 May 2012, Volacom AD, a European hi-tech engineering and manufacturing start-up, was incorporated. The company will focus on inventing, designing, and producing technologically advanced, automated bird control solutions operating with thermal imaging, which allows the detection of birds 24/7 and in all weather conditions. Deterrence will happen through an acoustic module designed to emit a specific signal. It was developed in-house by our own acoustic engineers. Experiments have confirmed that the signal invokes a physical reflex in birds called an Acoustic Startle Reflex (ASR), which does not allow them to habituate to it – a main shortfall of existing acoustic-based repellent systems.

The system’s commercial name will be Bird Collision Avoidance System (BCAS) and will use a custom-built detection software solution, providing for the detection of larger species at ranges bigger than one kilometer.

The main target groups are two: airports, where bird strikes may potentially lead to loss of human lives, and wind farms, where turbine blades are endangering the lives of avian species, especially those protected in remote areas. The system is also applicable for industrial rooftops and off-shore oil & gas facilities where bird-related contamination results in hefty cleaning bills and operational disturbances.

We believe that the existing bird control solutions worldwide are obsolete and inefficient. We have not seen any bird control system developed based on scientific research. That is why we decided to take on that path. Our solutions rely on findings from our own sophisticated research and experiments. We consider them unique and likely the most technologically advanced in the world today.