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First Industrial Rooftop Installation of BCAS Air

First Industrial Rooftop Installation of BCAS Air

Liebherr Hausgeraete Maritsa, a German-Swiss multinational equipment manufacturer established in 1949, entrusted Volacom with supplying a complete bird protection solution on the rooftop of its manufacturing facility near Plovdiv, Bulgaria. A Volacom team of experts assessed the site and conducted an environmental study, based on which a bird control concept for the building was drafted and approved by the management of Liebherr. The project was completed and the systems commissioned in December 2013.

Volacom will collect statistical data and analyze the results for a period of one year, making adjustments to the pilot system if necessary.

Liebherr is a German-Swiss global engineering and manufacturing conglomerate comprising 130 subsidiaries divided across 11 divisions from mining to domestic appliances. The group employs more than 40 000 people.

Volacom is a European hi-tech start-up developing technologically advanced automated bird control solutions for airport and industrial applications. The company’s products utilize thermal imaging and specially designed acoustic signals to detect birds at long distances and deter them without allowing for habituation.