Our Story


It all started with a bright young engineer, making audio amplifiers in his garage. After growing up in a family of inventors and innovators, Mr. Vassil Vassilev clearly followed the steps of his grandfather, who, in the early 1900’s, used his wife’s Singer sewing machine to wind up wires on electrical transformers, in order to change the, then, popular battery-powered radios into a cable-powered ones.


Mr. Vassilev founded his first company – ACOM, dedicated to the production of audio & communication equipment that would years later give him both the inspiration and the expertise to enter the market of acoustic-based bird control solutions.


ACOM began exporting amplifiers to the US, becoming the first Eastern European company to be granted permission to sell its products in the States.


Mr. Vassilev continued investing further into high-end facilities and aimed higher. Shortly after, ACOM produced the world’s first fully automatic HF tube amplifier – ACOM 2000A.


MILARA was set up as a separate entity, adding an in-house CNC machining facility, manufacturing machined components for the defence and space, electronics and robotics, medical, food  and other industries.


The collective expertise, know-how and experience led to the development and installation of a pilot acoustics-based bird control system at Sofia Airport – one of the first of its kind in the EU.


The group began joint research, development and testing of what would  become our Bird Collision Avoidance System.


VOLACOM JSC was born once we made sure we had developed a unique and groundbreaking bird control solution, based on the ASR-inducing acoustic signal – an involuntary acoustic startle reflex in species, making them change their course and leave the zone of discomfort created by the signal.


First industrial installation of BCAS Air (Mk 7.2) on the rooftop of an international manufacturing plant in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


BCAS was granted a patent in the US.


First African full-scale airport installation of BCAS Air (Mk 7.2) at Kigali International Airport, Rwanda.


Symbolically enough, the group moved its production and headquarters to the Sofia-Bozhurishte Industrial Park near Sofia – the area where the first Bulgarian airport and aircraft were built in 1914 and where the first Bulgarian Aviation School was located.


BCAS technology granted a patent in the Russian Federation.


The Volacopter LZ73-Pro UAV was added to VOLACOM’s portfolio of bird control solutions.


First seaport application of BCAS Mobile and Volacopter LZ73-PRO UAV in Burgas, Bulgaria.


BCAS Wind, an automated bird control solution specifically designed for wind farms was completed and the first 72 units were successfully installed across several wind farms in Greece.


First European airport installation of TCS Air for detection and tracking of UAVs and birds in Spain.


The new generation (Mk 9.0) of BCAS Air for airports and industry and BCAS Wind for wind farms was launched, including significant design improvements enhancing the systems’ expected lifespan to more than 15 years